3 Questions I was Afraid to Ask (and my Tensorflow 2.0 Template)

Stressed girl chewing on pencil

For many people, myself included, Q-learning serves as an introduction to the world of reinforcement learning. It gets us neatly accustomed to the core ideas of states, actions and rewards in a way that is intuitive and not bogged down by complicated technical details.

What makes implementing Deep Q-Learning so…

Base rates, marginal probabilities, sensitivity, and specificity

When it comes to updating beliefs and making decisions under uncertainty, Bayes’ theorem is just about the best tool available. And yet it is so often relegated to academic textbooks and machine learning applications when it should be bringing us value in our daily lives.

This article is for those…

Demonstrating meshgrid, vectorize, and other useful tools

Math is beautiful, and the software we have at our fingertips represents an invaluable way to explore that beauty. Never before have we been able to visualize and experiment with mathematical objects in such an accessible way.

Today, I’d like to break down the steps required to plot a function…

Ray Heberer

Data Scientist at Proximate Research. Love thinking about AI, Python and R, Machine Learning, and Personal Growth.

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